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Happy gut, healthy child

Happy gut, healthy child

Hosted by Elke Pascoe, Founder and CEO, The LittleOak Company, This Little Life is an impromptu and lively discussion diving into the big and little issues of parenting and beyond. 

We’ve all heard the saying happy wife, happy life but here’s another one for you - Happy gut, healthy child. Ok, so it doesn’t rhyme, but we think it’s just as important.

Dr Anna Garber agrees. A naturopathic doctor, her passion is children’s health. She believes that good gut health early in life sets a strong foundation for our adult health.

So what does good gut health in our children look like? How can we achieve it? And what is the connection between gut health and mental health?

There’s certainly lots to cover, so join us as we get to the heart (or should that be the gut) of this very important topic.

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