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The goodness of goat milk

The goodness of goat milk

There’s nothing like fresh, whole goat milk straight from New Zealand. In fact, we think it's as good as it gets. 

Greater goodness than the rest 

While the majority of formula brands you’ve seen out there are made with cow milk, we use fresh whole goat milk straight from our farm in New Zealand’s North Island. Why? 

While cow milk is a good source of calcium, it has limited bioavailability of key nutrients, meaning it will have a reduced effect within the body. Not only is goat milk gentle on growing tummies, it has superior bioavailability of key nutrients (iron, calcium and magnesium, specifically), has smaller fat globules and is high in naturally occurring oligosaccharides – fantastic for gut health. 

We say it all the time, but when you have something as beautiful and nutritious as fresh whole goat milk, the less you do to it the better. We’re focused on delivering all the good stuff, all the while avoiding the bad stuff that is all too common in other brands (think fillers, synthetics, added sugars and overly processed ingredients.) We don't like them, and we just don't need them. 

A whole lot of goodness 

At LittleOak, we only use fresh whole goat milk – never skim milk. In fact, 45 percent of a LittleOak serving is natural milk fats, meaning we never have to use processed whey. For us, it’s about delivering maximum nutrition, naturally. 

Made from Fresh  

We believe that when nature gives you an amazing ingredient like goat milk, the less you do to it the better. That’s why we developed our world-first and award-winning From Fresh process. Most formulas are made by first heating the milk to make a powder, then adding in water to turn it back into liquid, before heating it again to blend it into formula. That’s a lot of processing! Instead, our milk is heated only once, halving the heating process to preserve the natural goodness and essential vitamins of goat milk. Because we know that the more heat you heat any food, the more you deplete the natural nutrients. In our book, fresh is always best.  



LittleOak has been nourishing children for many years and feeds millions of infants, babies and children across the globe each and every day, in countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. In the US, we're proud to have our FDA compliant Toddler Milk available for families. 

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