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7 gifts in every LittleOak feed

7 gifts in every LittleOak feed

This month, LittleOak celebrates our 7th birthday. That’s seven years of doing the best job in the world…supporting families on their feeding journeys, and helping nourish little ones so they grow big and strong, just as nature intended.

And since we can’t share a birthday cake via email, we had to think of another way to mark this special occasion with our LittleOak families. So here are seven gifts that come with each and every feed with LittleOak…


  1. Fresh whole goat milk
Gentler on little tummies and packed with vitamins, minerals and probiotics, we use fresh whole goat milk to make our entire range, and we’re the first and only formula company in the world to do so.
Our fresh whole goat milk comes straight from our farm and is heated only once - because when you mess with food less, more natural nutrition stays in.  We don’t use processed skim milk, and for that reason we don’t need processed whey. It’s all about natural goodness for us.
  1. Low in lactose
Lactose is a milk sugar, providing energy to support growth. Goat milk has lower levels of lactose than cow milk, making it more gentle on little tummies – exactly what we want for our youngest generation.
  1. Naturally A2
Goat milk naturally contains only A2 casein protein, so it is less inflammatory than cow milk, and therefore easier to digest – another major win in our eyes.
  1. 100% palm oil free
We are so proud to be the world’s first certified 100% palm oil free formula. Palm oil actually blocks the absorption of calcium, fat and DHA in babies and children - all essential building blocks for strong growth and development. It’s not good for our environment either, so we will always be palm oil free.
  1. Flaxseed oil
We are also the first formula company in the world to use cold-pressed flaxseed oil to replace canola oil. Flaxseed oil is dense in essential nutrients babies need, particularly omega 3 fatty acids, which play an important role in brain growth and development.  
  1. Naturally occurring prebiotics
Our goat milk is high in prebiotic oligosaccharides, which are naturally-occurring carbohydrates that feed the good bacteria in the gut, which in turn supports overall health.
  1. Algae sourced DHA and ARA
Our DHA and ARA are responsibly sourced from the highest quality clay extracted algae. ⁠
Why is this important? DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid that supports brain function and development and plays a key role in cell signaling, lipid metabolism, cell membrane function and eye development.

To learn more about the beautiful ingredients that go into each and every LittleOak feed, watch this video from Elke Pascoe, mum of 2 and Founder and CEO, The LittleOak Company. Featured above this article.


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