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LittleOak’s new baby checklist

LittleOak’s new baby checklist

For a new parent, preparation is key. And while it might feel like you have plenty of time to get ready, the months truly do fly by (take our word for it). Shopping for your bub is exciting, but how do you make sure you have everything you need? With every brand telling you they have the best gadgets and gear, how do you know what to choose? We’ve been there, so let LittleOak lend a helping hand as we go through the top baby essentials you’ll definitely want to add to your shopping cart.

Hygiene (and a quick suggestion from LittleOak)

While disposable nappies are convenient, we recommend supplementing them with washable nappies as they are significantly better for Mother Earth. We know there’s hardly any time when you’re a new mum, but we wanted to share some quick information about the environmental impact of disposable nappies so you can make your own informed choices. Unfortunately, they can take over 500 years to break down in a landfill, are filled with chemicals that can harm our wildlife, and also release significant carbon emissions. Of course, washable nappies are a bit of a pain, but if you can use them some of the time, it can make a big difference.

In addition to nappies, you’ll also want some soft baby towels, gentle soap and shampoo, baby wipes and some nappy rash cream. Depending on where you plan on giving your bub a bath, you may want to consider a bath seat.

Transport and gear

This one’s obvious, but you’ll certainly need a pram in order to enjoy all those lovely strolls around your neighbourhood—don't forget the rain cover! Be sure to pick up an infant car seat, a cot, a mattress, a transportable changing table, a car window shade, a baby monitor and a highchair (you can leave this one on the back burner - you won’t need this until likely five months of age). Once your little one is waddling around the house, you’ll want to baby proof your common areas with child locks, baby gates and stove guards.

Bedtime for baby

You’ll want at least two sets of baby bedding (blankets and sheets) as well as a cute little nightlight.

Tiny clothes for tiny people

We think this is the best part. Baby clothes are oh so cute, and we just love looking at all the adorable little outfits available. For us, it's always comfort and ease over style, so make sure the outfits you choose are nice and soft, but also easy to put on little bodies. Depending on the size of your newborn, you’ll be looking for sizing between 000 and 00. It can be very tempting shopping for your bub's new clothes, so here’s a short list to keep you on track:

  1. 5-6 onesies (plus a couple more for bedtime wear)
  2. 3-4 tops
  3. 2 baby hats (we love these!)
  4. 2 cardigans or jackets
  5. 2 baby swaddles/ sleeping bags
  6. Plenty of socks


We know how stressful it can be to make the right decisions for your baby’s nutrition. If you're breastfeeding, a feeding pillow, breast pump and breastfeeding pads are essentials.

If you're formula feeding, our Stage 1 Formula is carefully crafted for bubs between 0-6 months – a wholesome alternative for your new little one. You’ll also want to buy at least six feeding bottles, so you always have one handy, and a bottle steriliser.

If you’ve made it through this list, you’re already well-prepared. We hope this was helpful for any of you expecting parents out there - sending love and good luck from all of us at LittleOak!


LittleOak has been nourishing children for many years and feeds millions of infants, babies and children across the globe each and every day, in countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. In the US, we're proud to have our FDA compliant Toddler Milk available for families

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